The 5 Playsets that We Want Right Now

The 5 Playsets that We Want Right Now

We all have our dream homes, but what about dream playsets? We’ve made a list of 5 playsets that don’t yet exist – but totally should.

1. The house from Up.

How much fun it would be to run around inside this house, pretending to be an adventurer alongside Carl and Russell? Balloons tied to the top are NOT optional.

2. The White House

“Yes, this is the President reporting for playtime.” It practically rolls right off the tongue. Of course, chores and having to eat vegetables would totally be illegal.

3. The Millennium Falcon

Playtime would be sent into overdrive in a playset modeled after the legendary Star Wars ship but at 35 m x 26 m, a life-sized model would require a slightly-larger-than-average backyard. Chewbacca sold separately.

4. Empire State Building

Start spreading the news, you’re playing today……an Empire State Building themed playset would totally bring out the inner Manhattan socialite in anyone. Add a cup of coffee and a bagel and you’ve got the Big Apple at the tips of your fingers!

5. Cinderella’s Castle

This one is pretty self-explanatory. For added effect, make everyone ride to and from the playset in a pumpkin carriage. 

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