Food For Thought - Literally!

Food For Thought - Literally!

  Unfortunately Central Texas is known for more than just the beautiful hills, lakes and wildflowers. Throughout the year, thousands of Central Texans suffer from mild to severe allergies to cedar, pollen, mold, oak, etc. At this point, many people are on the other side of spring allergies so we thought it might be a good time to examine what can be done about these allergies and how to avoid them in the future! Dr. Aviva Romm recently posted an interesting article to her blog – three steps to make your allergies go away forever. Dr. Romm is a midwife, MD, herbalist and mom who believes in “natural medicine for women and children…that you can trust.” In her blog article, she discusses her path to living a life allergy-free. It is an interesting read – we’d love to hear what you think and what you and your family are doing to fight these allergies. After all, if we continue suffering from pollen, oak, cedar, etc. we won’t be able to get out back and enjoy those play sets, trampolines, slides, forts, and more!


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