Nebraska Father Ups the Ante on Playset Improvement

Nebraska Father Ups the Ante on Playset Improvement

We all know that playsets are an awesome addition to any backyard, but one Lincoln, Nebraska father has taken his to the next level. Joe Schroeder, in an article featured in the Lincoln Journal Star, describes how he is singlehandedly transforming his playset into a CASTLE.

Yep, you read that right: A CASTLE.

The father of three tells the Star that after having his third child, he felt his playset needed an a full-blown fortress. Since he had the tools and the knowledge to make that happen, why not? While the set hasn’t been completed quite yet, his kids are already enjoying his work. Daughter Aurora says, “we play games…My sister is the queen, I am the princess, Ian is like a prince or a knight.”

Schroeder revealed his lofty plans for the castle.  Eventually there will be a tower in the back corner, a rope ladder, working drawbridge, a water balloon catapult and hidden passageway, glass windows, and finally lighting and electricity so they can decorate with Christmas lights. Not too shabby.

Although construction began last summer, work has been slow due to weather and building mishaps. Hopefully everything smooths out for Schroeder, because we can’t wait to see the finished product!


Photo courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star

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