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Boost Balance & Coordination

Practising basketball on a trampoline can improve hand-eye coordination and balance, as kids have to focus on two things at once: jumping, and shooting hoops. They'll be a pro in no time!

Super Safe Hoop

Our safe hoop flexes on contact, and absorbs any impact to prevent injury to your child. Also covered in foam for extra protection, the basketball hoop is safe as well as fun.

Score off the Rebound


The solid backboard is crafted from the same material used in riot shields, so it's practically indestructible. The ball will rebound effortlessly, allowing you to score higher than ever!

FREE Ball and Pump


For a limited time only, we are including a soft mini-basketball and hand-pump free with every hoop purchase. The pump comes with a standard needle suitable for other balls.



Super easy to set up and install, the Vuly Basketball Set is pre-assembled to make life simple.












Wood Type
Deck Size
Tempered Glass
Low Extension
Peremiter Aluminium Profile
Edge Pad Thickness
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