Ranger 7 Ft

  • Ranger 7 Ft

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Manufactured in Justin, TX by Backyard Fun Factory, a family owned business established in 2004. Since then, they have expanded to provide families throughout the nation with quality American Made play systems. Backyard Fun Factory’s goal is to provide the safest and highest quality play systems on the market today. Their playsets are made of 100% California Redwood, the best wood for an outdoor playset. It’s naturally resistant to insects and decay, as well as dimensionally stable. The wood is unlikely to warp or twist, and holds finishes/stain better than any other wood. Backyard Fun Factory playsets have a lot of personality and are extremely customizable, so what you see are simply options of what is possible. They offer a cabins like nothing you have ever seen!  Backyard Fun Factory playsets are built to last with a solid LIFETIME WARRANTY to back them up.

Wood Type
Deck Size
Tempered Glass
Low Extension
Peremiter Aluminium Profile
Edge Pad Thickness
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