Wasps: This Summer's Invader

Wasps: This Summer's Invader

Although wasps and Yellow Jackets are a constant threat in Texas, this summer has been particularly bad when it comes to these insects. Our team has encountered several severe cases of wasp and hornets’ nests in children’s playsets, and we made this quick guide to keeping your playsets and trampolines sting-free.

A wasp's nest found in a playset by an Adventures Outback employee

1)      Bees ≠ Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets

Bees are significantly smaller and more round than wasps. Bees sting to protect their hive, whereas wasps, Yellow Jackets, and hornets are naturally aggressive. Additionally, bee stings tend to be less severe than those of wasps and hornets.


2)      We are in the heat of wasp season.

According to The Guardian, “People are most often stung in late summer, when wasp colonies stop breeding new workers.”


3)      Wasp nests are preventable

Sealing any holes, cracks or crevices along concrete driveways, window sills or any other hollow entry point can reduce the possibility of a ground nest,” says Jarrod Warkentin, owner and manager of Spartan Pest Control in Calgary, Canada. “It is also important to inspect for insect activity on a regular basis. If you find a wasp, follow it and see where it goes. The sooner the nest is found and controlled the better.”


4)      More playtime = less wasps

You can also prevent wasp and hornet’s nests from forming by making sure there is consistent activity on the playset!

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