Wood Playset Products from Substainable Foresting

Wood Playset Products from Substainable Foresting

What is “Sustainable Foresting” anyways? Companies that use renewable or sustainable foresting aren’t going out and hacking down trees where ever they like at whatever rate they like. They are felling trees only when they are of age, that they replant after they have harvested.  By doing this, the wildlife habitat is protected and the biodiversity of the forest is maintained.

There are now organizations that provide independent forest certification systems that help to regulate the industry, and give end-user confidence that the wood they purchase comes from sustainable, well-managed forests. Our Texas playset manufacturers are associated with the following organizations:

Western Red Cedar Lumber Association

California Redwood Association

All Adventures Outback playsets are built with environmentally responsible wood products which contribute to the durability and quality of the product.

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